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Sine’s Visitor Management Process

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on November 4, 2019

We’ve all been there, hastily scribbling our information on a paper sign-in sheet. Maybe you were signing in at a client’s office, at a company for a job interview, or going to the newest art show in town.

Regardless of the situation, you wanted one thing: to get in as fast as you could.

That’s what your customers want when they’re signing in at your company.

That’s why you need a visitor management process to keep things simple and fast.

But what is visitor management, anyway?

Visitor management explained and why you need it

Simply put, a visitor management app is a system for registering and keeping track of all your visitors.

A good visitor management system offers visitors a clear-cut process where they can easily sign in. It also offers you a simple way of managing your guests and visitors from one place.

That’s good and all, but here’s why you need it:

First, a digital sign-in is more efficient than a paper logbook.

But more importantly, a digital management system simplifies the process and makes your company brand look cool as hell.

Having a modern sign-in system paints your company in a positive light and makes your brand look professional.

And you should care about your initial experience because first impressions matter.

Now that we have some context, let's dive straight in and answer your number one question:

What happens when a visitor arrives at your business?

Sine’s Visitor Management Process

When it comes to greeting and guiding your visitors and guests, your front desk plays a pivotal role.

Your front desk is the cornerstone of your office. It’s where you look after all the people visiting, the contractors coming to work, and where all the assets and deliverables entering the workplace get managed.

Sine has worked to streamline your front desk, enabling you to have the ideal automated front desk that every modern office needs.

Here’s our visitor management process for Sine Web:

Use the dashboard to invite visitors or contractors to your company

Go to your dashboard page

Web Check-in

From your dashboard, click on the check-in button at the top of the dash.

Once you’re there, fill in all your visitor’s details as well as your Sine name and the type of visitor they are.

visitor management process
Fill out the details of your visitor

Pro tip: Adding their mobile number makes it easier to contact your visitors.

Click on the visitor’s name to open their contact page

Here’s where you can print a visitor’s pass, add a note to the visitor’s profile where you can add keys, passwords or things you’ve given to your visitors, and check the answers they’ve given you on the sign-in form.

Pro tip: You can use this section to send messages to your visitors.

visitor management process
Don’t forget to sync your printer with Sine

Here’s our visitor management process for Sine Pro:

Offer your visitors your company iPad so they can check themselves in

Ask your visitor to press the check-in button. Here, your visitor needs to select one of the three available options.

Prompt visitors to fill in all their details

Once you’re there, ask your visitors to fill in all their details.

Contractor type

Ask your visitors to validate their identity by taking a photo of themselves

You can skip this step, but we recommend that you ask your visitors for a photo because it helps you keep better track of everything.

facial recognition

Ask your visitor to select whom they’re there to see

The app shows the visitor a screen where they can pick their host, and that’s it, they’re signed in!

Here’s our visitor management process for Sine App:

Ask your visitors to download the Sine App from the iOS or Android store.

Show them how to download our free app and sign up using their details. Please remind them to add a photo of themselves, too!

Using Sine won’t cost your visitors a dime

Your visitors will receive a 5-digit PIN code on their mobile phones

Sine will ask for this PIN to validate your visitor’s identity and complete the pre check-in process.

Without this number, visitors can’t register


Once they’re registered, visitors only need to check-in using their mobile phone’s geolocation services. Once they’re on the app, Sine will show them all the potential locations they can sign in from. They just have to click on your company.

Once they click on your company, they’re ready

Your visitor needs to fill in their visit time and whom they’re there to see

Once they’ve chosen your company, they’ll have to add the visit time and select their host.

Here’s where your host receives a notification

But if you’re more of a visual learner, check our infographic for a quick overview of the process.

Here’s a video that offers you a deep tutorial on our sign-in process, too.