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Add an extra layer of security to your site with 'Checklists'

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on February 15, 2022


Every ounce of security matters in your workplace, whether it be protecting your employees, personal assets, or confidential company data. You always want peace of mind that extra precautions are being taken to prevent any security breaches or theft from occurring in your workplace. At the same time, you always want to upkeep a positive customer service reputation by always being prepared to welcome important guests to your site.

Sine’s ‘checklists’ feature, can help you achieve this and much more simply by assigning visitors to different checklists. Read on to find out how checklists can help streamline your workplace.

Enhance security and customer satisfaction throughout your site

Different types of checklists can easily be flagged and identified by assigning visitors through different types. For example, they can be enabled to warn reception staff or watchers of a suspicious or unwanted visitor. Action may be be taken by denying entry or alerting security.  This can help strengthen the security of your site and the wellbeing of your employees, where only wanted and compliant guests are permitted on your site.

On the other hand, they can also be utilised to identify VIP guests who require the top level of service. Through this, reception can be prepared to look after your VIP guests and provide a smooth check-in process. This can help enable you to adequately prepare to meet your important guest, where the live web dashboard will show when the VIP has checked in. You can even make your VIP guests feel extra special by pre-invitation to the site, so you know exactly when they are arriving and be prepared to offer sensational customer service.  

Watchlists can be further enhanced through our integrations, available to synchronise your watchlist with screening platforms, such as Descartes MK Denial.

Sine + MK Denial integration

MK Denial + Sine

Enabling the Sine + MK Denial integration is quick and easy, where it allows you to instantly screen all visitors upon check-in. Sine's integration will can help further safeguard your premises and help avoid fines or penalties by maintaining an audit of your screening activities and help prevent restricted or denied parties from accessing your site. Our integration with MK Denial can help maintain compliance in your workplace by accurately identifying restricted parties entering your premises. Whenever a visitor checks into your site using the configured visitor type (s), Sine will check the MK Denial database to find any matches. If a match is found, a watcher will be alerted instantly via email.

Keen to see how Sine can help strengthen security in your workplace? Book a demo with our friendly team today!