Let’s keep this short and to the point. You are busy and so are we.

Software and facilities are often a really toxic mix. Systems promise the world and yet fail to deliver. They are complex and take ages to implement. Once implemented they are not well supported, and in many cases, they become outdated within a year or two.

Sound familiar? If so, read on.

After talking to facilities managers across the board, from schools, commercial, retail, industrial, logistics, and mining, one thing came up consistently. “How can you save me time, and cut down the paperwork.”

With this in mind, we keep innovating here at Sine. We try to keep it simple and cut the BS. We want our software to help save time and cut down the use of old fashioned paper visitor books and laborious contractor management systems that never seem to work.

Ditch the paper site book and key register

It’s seriously time. It’s one of those items in everyday facilities life that has just stuck around. When you look at it though, in context of all the modern workplace tools we have at our disposal, you have to raise the question. How the heck did that piece of paper stay so long at the front desk or loading bay of facilities?

Yep, that one slipped under the radar. However, it gets worse. Not only is there one visitor book, but often a cleaners register, key register, and an assortment of other folders all across the security desk. Things need to change. Writing your name, time, and company each time your contractors arrive each day is a monumental waste of time. 

So what if you could do it once? Fill in all the details that very first visit and have software that remembers. Or better yet, what if you could carry an app on your mobile phone that allowed you to check in and out of each business with the tap of a finger? 

Do you sleep at night? Safety first

You wouldn’t leave your door open and let anyone just wander around your home, so why would you allow it in your business? With the ability to require all visitors and contractors to check-in with photo-ID and the brand new facial recognition software, Sine can ensure you know exactly who it is that is on your site. And with the ability to upload any and all required licenses and forms, you can be certain that it is perfectly safe for your visitor to be there.

Make it easy to report incidents

You know the drill. It’s just a typical day at work until suddenly, it isn’t. Maybe it’s something small, like a slightly shady character on the premises. Maybe it’s something big, like a fire. Either way, you could have 5 people or 100 people that suddenly need to be notified. You run around, you try the PA system if you have it, you pull the fire alarm and pray that everyone hears it.

What if, instead, you could use Sine to instantly notify everyone who has checked-in on what has happened? David ducked out to the lavatory? Doesn’t matter, he gets the message. Suzy is in the backroom where the alarm is too muffled to hear? She’s got the message too. Everyone evacuates safely, and you have even been able to use Sines system to get a printed report on everyone who was checked in, for that all important head count.

Use the dog and bone (phone)

Okay, okay, so we obviously aren’t talking about the literal dog and bone phone. The plain fact is that mobile phones are something that 99% of people carry with them everyday. We can be almost paranoid about it, getting that oddly ‘naked’ feeling when we do leave it behind. And we check it almost constantly. So, what better way to get quickly in contact with your visitor than through Sines messaging system.

Mobile numbers are entered as a facet of the check in-and-out service, giving you, the host, instant access to them. No more searching through pages and pages of the old sign-in book and trying to decipher someone else’s writing. Was that a 5 or an 8? With Sines online records, you know.

Show me the money

All in all, life is too short for software that gets in the way and slows you down. See how the other half live and give Sine a whirl for free, with no obligation. Set up a online 20 min demo and a nice person in our office will guide you through to facilities heaven, if you so wish.

If you want to read about success stories, take a look here and see how Goodman, Charter Hall, Stockland, Cleanaway and hundred of other facilities managers have cut the BS and implemented Sine.