The aged care industry is changing. More and more care facilities are beginning to use visitor management systems to manage their residents better, and as families and caretakers are asking facilities to embrace assistive technologies, visitor management has become the main technology to keep in order to address those concerns.

But what about preventing the spread of viruses and disease?

Turns out that a visitor management system can also help you deal with that, especially during these trying times where COVID-19 is still at large.

We know that all your thoughts and worries are on your family’s wellbeing, and for people with senior family members living in aged care facilities, these worries often double because people over 65 are the most vulnerable to COVID-19.

In this article, we’ll teach you how aged care facilities can use a visitor management system like Sine to flatten COVID-19’s curve and protect the senior citizens under their care.

Why are aged care facilities restricting people from visiting?

On March 18, 2020, Australia’s prime minister announced that aged care facilities must enforce limitations on visitors. This includes shortening visits and limiting them to a maximum of two visitors at one time per day.

While this ban has been welcomed by some sectors, it’s also raised concerns about elderly residents becoming more vulnerable due to social isolation.

However, since elderly citizens are the most vulnerable age group to COVID-19, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Why this is important for senior citizens

Let’s start with a question: Can you easily find the name, contact details, and location of every person in your facility at this moment?

If you replied with a “no”, chances are you might be putting your residents at risk.

We understand how hard it is to say no to family members who want to see their parents and grandparents, but it’s a necessary measure if we are to keep COVID-19 at bay.

But fear not — with Sine, you can be on the middle ground. We can help you respect the regulations and protect your aged residents at the same time.

How can aged care facilities help flatten the curve using Sine?

During an average day, you might receive dozens of visitors, and if you allow every single one of them to just walk in, that’s a disaster in the making. That’s why facilities are turning to automated visitor management systems like Sine to register all the processes and gain data to strengthen their management practices.

Stay with us and learn how Sine can help you!

Replacing paper check-in forms with a people-less, paperless solution

By now you already know that paper sign-in forms are a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Sine helps you replace pen and paper with a digitized check-in that can sharply reduce the number of surfaces you have to touch.

Sine also offers you a face recognition feature that can help visitors and staff check-in quickly and without having to interact with a check-in person, reducing the chance for community infections.

How can replacing a paper sign-in sheet help you prevent COVID-19?

Simple: You know how filthy pens can get or how long COVID-19 can stay on a surface? If you have many visitors, you may be better off with a paperless solution.

Using Sine’s COVID-19 toolkit

Didn’t we tell you our sign-in system comes with a pre-packaged COVID-19 toolkit? We compiled a toolkit that runs through five things aged care facilities can do today to keep their residents healthy and control any threat that may pose a risk.

Sine’s check-in forms allow you to gather information about your visitors, your contractors, and your residents. Using our COVID-19 toolkit, you can ask your visitor’s critical screening questions that can help you decide whether or not that person is a risk to your facility.

How can using a COVID-19 toolkit help your facility?

You might be screening your visitors, but if you’re not asking the right questions, maybe something can slip by. Our toolkit helps you make sure you stay protected.

Tracking the movement of staff and residents across the aged care facility

Knowing where your residents and your visitors are at all times is crucial to an aged care facility.

With Sine, you get a bird’s-eye view over your check-in process, and you can keep track of your facility and every person within it. With our visitor management tool, you can establish clear communication with your staff and be ready to care for your residents if something goes awry.

Also, Sine gives you the data you need in theform of a dashboard that’s so easy to understand that we guarantee you’ll get used to it in no time!

How can tracking your residents help you prevent COVID-19?

It’s better to be safe than sorry, and if one of your residents leaves your aged care facility and is in contact with someone that’s infected, that could really hurt the rest of your community. Our geofence feature makes sure you’re always informed of everything.

Users should only use Sine for COVID-19 purposes in accordance with the provisions of their local laws. Sine is not responsible for the capture of information. See Sine’s Terms of Use.

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