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Sine | COVID-19 Toolkit

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on March 10, 2020


With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, companies need to add extra precautions to ensure that their workplace stays safe and secure.

Sine has compiled a toolkit which runs through five things that companies can do today to keep their workplace and people healthy and control any threats that may pose a risk.

1. Upload Our COVID-19 Guidance Sheet

We've created a guidance sheet to add to your check-in forms or print out to display in your reception area.

covid-19 symptoms poster

You candownload the above image here to add to your check-in forms or the PDF version here to print out.

To add the image to your check-in forms, click on the site's settings that you wish to add it to, then click the 'Check-in Forms' tab, click 'Add a New Field' and select the 'Fixed Image' field type. Then upload the image.

2. Update Your Check-in Forms

Sine's check-in forms allow you to gather key information about your visitors, contractors, and employees and inform them of company processes and procedures.

With your check-in forms, you can add critical screening questions which will help you decide whether a person poses a health risk to your workplace.

To do this, go to the Sine dashboard and navigate to the 'Check-in Form' section. Once here, click 'Add a New Field' and add two new multiple-choice questions. Make sure you don't use the Yes/No question type, as you won't be able to gain the answers you need.

Add in the following questions (upload the COVID-19 guidance sheet before adding the following questions):

  1. Please confirm you have read and understood the above COVID-19 guidelines?
  2. Have you travelled in the last 14 days to any international territory currently cautioned by local government authorities?
how to set up screening questions for COVID-19

Add 'Yes' and 'No' as possible responses. For the first question, allow the answer ‘Yes’ and for the second question, allow the answer ‘No’ by switching on ‘allowed’ next to the possible response. Once complete, remember to save and enable the check-in form.

Learn more about editing check-in forms.

We've added a new feature to Check-in Forms - COVID Responses

With the new COVID-19 Responses feature, all incorrect responses to a yes/no question will place a site access request into a 'pending' state. Giving companies full control over who is allowed on site and who isn't while also improving contact tracing. Find out more about check-in forms.

3. Leverage Visitor Types

Sine allows you to set up different visitor types based on the nature of the visit, whether that be employees, contractors, residents, or visitors.

With this feature, you can also identify if a person is visiting internationally by adding in an 'International Visitor' type.

accept and reject visitor sign in requests

To find the visitor type section, simply click on the 'Sites' tab in the left column menu, click on 'Settings' for the site you want to add the new visitor type to and scroll down in the 'General' tab. Once you find the 'Visitor Types' section, you can add a new visitor type with the tag 'International Visitor'.

This will allow you to quickly identify whether a person needs extra screening or if they should be allowed on site.

4. Upgrade to Sine Workflows for COVID-19 Pre-Screening

Sine Workflows allows you to have full visitor, employee and contractor pre-screening. Meaning that you can gain important information from a person before they arrive on site.

Much like setting up a check-in form, you can set up a new workflow with the questions from the 'Upgrade Your Check-in Forms' section and the downloadable COVID-19 guidance sheet.

Once created, you can manually send it to anyone who will be visiting your site or activate geofencing for automatic distribution when someone enters your site's geofence.

With Sine Workflows, you'll also be able to put every response into a 'pending' state. Giving you complete control over who is accepted to enter your site or rejected. This adds a new level of security to the health and safety of your employees and more control over your site.

Important - Make sure you set the active duration of a response of 24 hours to ensure the workflow needs to be completed daily.

workflows onboarding process

5. Embed Workflows in Invitations

With the nature of how contagious COVID-19 is, it's important that the pre-screening of visitors and contractors happens before they arrive on site.

After setting up the COVID-19 pre-screening workflow, you can embed it within an invite and require everyone visiting your site to complete it before checking in.

To do this, click 'Share' on the workflow and copy the unique link. Then add the link into the 'Message to the Guest' section of an invitation.

Invite for visitor with covid-19 pre-screening questions

Once created, the visitor will get the invite with a note informing them that they need to complete the workflow.

If you want your visitors to see our COVID-19 guidance sheet on their invite, you can attach it to the passes of a site. To do this, navigate to the specific site's settings, click on the 'Passes' tab and scroll down to the 'Documents' section. From here, you can upload the document. Now visitors will see the document on their invites prior to arriving on site.

6. SinePro Mobile App and Geofencing

Download the SinePro Mobile App to create a contactless check-in with geofencing and auto check-in/out. When a visitor or employee enters your site's geofence the mobile app will automatically check them in, reducing the number of surfaces they need to touch.

Download the Full Sine COVID-19 Pack

Sine Covid-19 backgrounds

We've compiled a downloadable pack, which will help you manage the spread of COVID-19 within your workplace. 
In this pack, you will find:

  1. 3x iPad backgrounds as shown in the above image.
  2. Sine's COVID-19 guidance sheet to include in your check-in forms.
  3. A Wall poster to print out and place near your check-in area, which outlines proper hygiene requirements when on site.
  4. Sine's All-in-one kiosk branding designed to inform visitors and contractors of proper hygiene.
  5. Example badges showing the 'Clear visitor' type. To add in the 'Clear Visitor' visitor type, refer to point 3 of this toolkit.

Download the Sine COVID-19 pack.