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New feature: COVID-19 responses for check-in forms

By Nick RivettProduct Marketing Lead
Published on April 7, 2020

Helping to flatten the curve means that companies may need to put the proper processes in place to keep their workplaces and people safe from COVID-19. At Sine, we understand this and have put this need front and centre when developing new features as we all navigate the current situation.

With our newest feature - COVID-19 Responses - you can take your check-in forms to the next level by putting all incorrect responses into a ‘pending’ state and stopping them from resubmitting with new answers.

Here’s how it works

Every site can have a unique check-in form which all visitors are required to complete. By now, you may have set up our recommended check-in form from our COVID-19 Toolkit for your site.

Originally, visitors would complete the check-in form but be allowed to resubmit a form if they answered incorrectly. While this is still an important function of check-in forms, we know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that companies get an accurate reading of all visitors' information.

covid-19 integration

With the COVID-19 Responses, when a visitor answers incorrectly for a yes/no question, the visitor’s access request will be placed into a ‘pending’ state. Which can then be manually reviewed and be accepted or rejected, giving companies full control over who is allowed on site and who isn’t.

Here’s how to set it up

To set up COVID-19 Responses, please get in contact with our friendly support team and they will be able to configure the integration. Simply write a message using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of our website or visit our contact page.

Users should only use Sine for COVID-19 purposes in accordance with the provisions of their local laws. Sine is not responsible for the capture of information. See Sine’s Terms of Use.