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Deliveries: parcel management features from Sine

By Nick RivettProduct Marketing Lead
Published on June 1, 2020

Deliveries are increasing in volume as more and more employees are having their personal mail delivered to the workplace. But your front desk staff is spending too much time organizing deliveries, distributing packages notifying recipients they have a delivery.

You only have a small mailroom to fit all those deliveries and once that space gets filled then you have to start putting packages in your reception area and then into your kitchen area. There's only so much longer this can go on.

You don’t want to put a personal package delivery policy in place that lowers employee morale but things are getting out of hand. After all, is there anything worse than packages piling up in your mailroom or reception area?

Luckily, there is already software available that can help you streamline and simplify this process. In fact, it is a super easy add on to your existing Sine visitor management system.

Let’s get into it.

Do your employees receive personal deliveries at work?

2,760 packages are shipped globally, every second.

It’s a safe bet that a fair number of those packages get delivered to places of business. With the rise of online shopping, more and more people are having personal packages delivered to their workplace. This shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing how inconvenient it can be to schedule an at-home drop-off window.

But when employees have packages from Amazon, Stitch Fix, food services, Rent the Runway, and other retailers delivered to your business it can cost the company time and money.

Richard Wilding, professor of supply chain strategy at Cranfield School of Management said, “Many organisations now are starting to recognise the true cost of having to manage the reception of those deliveries.”

When package pick-up and collection is a problem

It may be more convenient for employees to have packages shipped to work but it presents a few problems for the organization like:

  • safety and storage of packages
  • mix up of business and personal packages
  • privacy (for example, the accidental opening of personal deliveries)
  • time spent notifying staff members they have a delivery to pick up

Not to mention, on delivery, the courier’s responsibility ends and your company accepts responsibility for the package. That means employees can hold the company accountable for deliveries accepted on their behalf.

For all of these reasons, some companies have banned employees from having personal package deliveries to the office. The Times reported several big banks -- including HSBC, Citigroup and JP Morgan -- have banned personal deliveries. Other organizations like universities and government departments have done the same recently.

Introducing: search and notify for deliveries

If you’re overwhelmed with employees’ packages, then we have great news!

We recently rolled out a new feature called Search and Notify for Deliveries

Now, when couriers deliver packages to your workplace, they can simply select the delivery button when checking in. Then, they can select the person the delivery is for which will notify that person that a package has arrived for them to collect.

It’s really that simple. When the courier arrives on site, they just click the deliveries button on the iPad, fill out who they are, then select who the delivery is for. And the recipient gets a notification that their delivery has arrived. This removes the need for your front desk staff to spend half their day receiving and distributing packages across the office. Rather, they can focus on the work that truly matters.

To get started, the steps are simple:

Deliveries management is simple with Sine
  1. Tap the Delivery button.
  2. Choose a host to notify from the list, or tap “Can't find who you are looking for?“ to notify the default host (if set).
  3. A notification that a package has been delivered is sent to the host.
Select who the delivery is for

The Deliveries Button allows couriers to press a single button on the iPad and instantly check-in. No visitor types, no forms, just a simple check-in. 

Sine can help you manage your office's incoming deliveries

Maybe you already knew our mission is to help you improve safety, security, and compliance for your visitors, contractors, staff, and assets.

But now we can help you document each delivery and notify recipients their package has arrived. This frees up your mailroom or front desk staff for more important tasks. Rather than spending their day signing for personal packages, and then following up with employees to pick them up. As your mail room becomes evermore cluttered with boxes!

The workplace management tech stack

Delivery management is just one component of the broader workplace management tech stack that many companies are beginning to introduce. This forms a key pillar in the ongoing modernization of offices, with increasing importance placed on the digitization and streamlining of processes to maximise returns.

For facilities managers, the workplace management tech stack is shifting to include visitor, contractor and staff management solutions.

More important than these solutions alone, is the ability to effectively and efficiently integrate these platforms. The continuing importance of the innovation economy places a premium on the ability to disrupt and innovate across all industries in order to drive economic growth.

Want to make delivery management a breeze? You can book Sine demo or enable it here.