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2021 Sine Blog Roundup

By Molly TelferContent Marketing Specialist
Published on December 30, 2021

2021 was whirlwind of a year for many – and has been a year of incredible growth for Sine. As we reflect on our accomplishments and learnings the year brought us, we wanted to highlight some of our most popular blog posts with you all.

So sit back and enjoy the articles that people visited the most on our blog in 2021 –you might recognize a favorite or find something new!

Covid 19 vaccine upload

How to manage COVID-19 vaccination tracking and compliance with Sine

When Sine announced the launch of its Vaccination Tracker feature through Sine Workflows in September, readers took notice. As COVID-19 vaccination and testing mandates sweep the globe, many companies are facing new workplace management challenges. Learn more about how Sine can help you automate compliance and protect your workforce.

10 features from Honeywell Sine to future-proof your workplace in 2021

The future of work of work is upon us. Here are just 10 of the many features that make Sine the best way to stay ahead of the game.

What is compliance management and why does it matter?

Compliance was a hot topic in 2021, and will most certainly remain top of mind for many companies for years to come. Our quick guide to compliance management was a very popular resource – not to be missed!

Healthy buildings

Revolutionising visitor and employee management: key insights from Honeywell Beyond

A standout moment of 2021 was the fireside chat between our CEO and Founder, Antony Ceravolo, and Vimal Kapur, President & CEO of Honeywell Building Technologies at our annual Honeywell Beyond event. This article discusses the key takeaways from their talk, which explores the ongoing revolution occurring in visitor and employee management.

The ROI of Visitor Management

Sure, it pays go to paperless when it comes to visitor management, but when it comes measuring the financial gains of adopting a digital VMS, is the juice worth the squeeze? This article dives into the specifics of visitor management ROI.

Five ways facilities management will change in the next three years

With the current known pressures in today's society, we took a hard look at likely trends for the next three years and compiled a list of the five changes most likely facing facilities management in the future.

Sine Honeywell Story

Sine + Honeywell: A shared vision for the future of the workplace

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, we found ourselves in one of the most transformative periods in the short life of the company. 2021 has been a year of incredible growth for Sine as we've continued our integration with Honeywell Connected Enterprise. Read on to learn more about our shared vision as we forge into 2022.

How visitor management software benefits departments beyond the front desk

The benefits of a digital visitor management system for front desk and reception staff are undeniable. But what about departments beyond the front desk? Learn how your entire organization can benefit by investing in a visitor management solution like Sine.

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