As we navigate through COVID-19 and what it means to be a safe workplace evolves, the normal check-in journey isn’t enough to ensure the protection of a company’s workplace and people.

With the rapid changes, visitor management has needed to quickly adopt enhanced processes in ensuring that all companies can return to work safely and efficiently.

We at Sine understand this and have been working constantly on creating a better check-in journey for both companies and visitors.

Over the past few months, we have released features such as Thermal Check, the COVID-19 Toolkit and contact tracing while also curating a few current features like QR codes, check-in forms and document uploads.

With these features, we mapped out what it looks like to be a visitor and a host with Sine’s ‘COVID-19 protected’ check-in journey.

Contactless check-in journey

Download the infographic here.

The contactless check-in journey with Sine

Step 1 – Invite your visitor

Using the Sine dashboard, invite your visitors to site. They will receive an email notifying them of the invitation. You can choose to attach a QR code and any additional information you may want to inform them of.

You can also attach a link to a form using Sine Workflows, which can prescreen your visitors for critical COVID-19 information, such as, travel history.

Step 2 – Allow them to scan a site QR code to check-in

When the visitor arrives on site, you can display QR code site posters at check-in for them to scan using the Sine Pro mobile app for a contactless check-in.

Step 3 – Prescreen your visitor with check-in forms

If you haven’t used Sine Workflows in step one, visitors can be prompted through a COVID-19 check-in form, which will take them through questions you need in order to accept or reject access to your site. These answers will be recorded and show on the access request of the visitor on the Sine dashboard.

Step 4 – Check and register the visitor’s temperature

To add extra protection, you can include an optional step to record the body temperature of your visitor with Thermal Check. With elevated body temperature being a symptom of COVID-19, this information is recorded and can be used to accept or reject access requests.

Private Beta – Request Invite

Sine is working quickly with various thermal camera suppliers and at this stage, our integration is in private Beta mode and on request only.  Please note, Sine does not supply thermal cameras directly and these must be acquired directly from the supplier subject to availability. Sine is not responsible for the setup or functionality of the cameras.

Step 5 – Approve or reject the visitor pass

Based on the information captured from the site check-in form and temperature reading (if you choose to use), you can make a decision on whether a visitor is granted access or is rejected.

Step 6 – Get notified of the visitor’s arrival

Once approved, a notification will be sent to the Host and the visitor will be notified that they are checked in and someone will be with them shortly.

Return to work safely with Sine

With Sine, you will create a 360-degree approach to the workplace and people safety with an enhanced check-in process geared to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Get started with a free 30-day trial or find out more information at our COVID-19 resource centre.