Employee sign-in has become more important than ever before for businesses. Traditionally the domain of hourly workers. The need to know where your staff are, and when, has been elevated for all organisations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on economies and businesses everywhere. While many pivoted to work from home arrangements at the outset of the pandemic. The inability to have staff on-premise was a blow to many industries. 

Recent surveys have suggested that the vast majority of workers are uncertain about returning to the office five days a week. With many suggesting a middle ground between work from home and the “old” normal would be the arrangement that they’re most comfortable with.

So with workforces split between home and the office, while also managing capacity limits, organisations are rolling out employee sign-in systems across their entire workforce.

What is an employee sign-in system?

Put simply, an employee sign-in system is a way for your staff to sign in when they arrive at work each day and then sign out at the end of their day. It provides employers with a simple log of staff movements in and out of the premises.

Traditionally, these systems have only been necessary where staff are paid for the hours they work. Meaning many businesses with staff employed on full-time contracts have not had a need for them.

But with the outbreak of the COVID-19, it has become crucial to know where all of your staff are, all of the time.

Additional employee sign-in considerations for COVID-19

In order to effectively manage employee sign-in during COVID-19, it is important for businesses to have a COVID-safe sign-in system.

The most important feature of a COVID-safe sign-in system?

Contactless sign-in.

Workplaces everywhere have been scrambling to ensure social distancing can be adhered to within their premises, but if all your employees are then required to sign-in with the same machine, your social distancing efforts could all be for naught.

Managing your work from home personnel

For many businesses, it can be difficult to know who is working from home on any given day. Let alone if they are in fact working!

An essential element of managing an effective return to the workplace is having clear work from home procedures. After all, in many locations, the threat of COVID-19 is still ever-present and with a flexible work from home policy in place, you can ensure your employees are still able to perform their duties from home while also having the ability to self-isolate themselves if needed — ensuring your staff in the workplace are kept safe.

Simplify employee sign-in with Sine

Here at Sine, we have been trusted by thousands of organisations to provide sign-in solutions. Enabling them to both get back to the workplace, and protect their staff, visitors and contractors.

Contactless sign-in with the Sine Pro mobile app

The Sine Pro mobile app empowers you to provide contactless staff sign-in for your entire workforce. The system is simple and flexible, ensuring you can meet the needs of all employees.

Staff can be signed in and out automatically using a geofence placed around your facility, or they can scan in and out of the facility with QR code posters and the Sine Pro mobile app.

For added peace of mind, you can even incorporate daily COVID-19 screening questions into your employee sign-in process. Enabling you to screen all employees and prevent anyone who poses a risk of spreading COVID-19 from coming on-site that day.

Work from home check-in

for your work from home employees

With Sine, you can also manage check-in for your remote work from home employees. This can be managed through QR code scanning, checking employees into a ‘central’ work from home site. Or, where applicable, a geofence can also be placed around the location the staff member will be performing their remote work from.

Easy reporting and contact tracing

With automated reports, you can ensure that all staff have signed-in daily, either at your premises or from their remote work location. Any staff not accounted for can be contacted and checked on.

Meanwhile, if the need for contact tracing does ever arise, then you will be prepared with a comprehensive log of all staff movements in and out of your workplace. Quickly identify anyone who may have been exposed, and contact them with further instructions.

Implementing employee sign-in is quick and simple

Time is of the essence, and many organisations require quick, effective solutions as soon as possible. Luckily, here at Sine we have been working with thousands of organisations throughout COVID-19. In this time, we have helped rapidly deploy COVID-safe sign-in systems to their workplaces.

Get started today! Book a demo with our team to find the perfect Sine solution for your needs.