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Instant QR: new features from Sine to stay COVID safe

By Nick RivettProduct Marketing Lead
Published on September 25, 2020

Today, we’re pleased to announce our latest innovation, Instant QR. This is part of our ongoing commitment to support our customers through the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To date, Sine Safe has provided a comprehensive, touchless solution for screening and managing invited visitors, contractors and staff to check-in to your workplace.

Now, we have brought that same expertise and experience in developing secure, safe, accurate and simple solutions to enable contactless check-in for all visitors – even those unexpected walk-ins.

Other QR based solutions have been introduced without consideration for key security, privacy and accuracy concerns. However, Sine’s Instant QR offers a simple, safe and secure check-in method.

How Instant QR works

Instant QR ensures you are able to provide a contactless check-in solution for everyone who visits your site. This helps you protect your staff and workplace. While also ensuring quick access to comprehensive contact tracing data should the need arise.

Instant QR is simple to get started with.

Generate your Instant QR code

To generate an Instant QR, visitors can go to and enter in their details. After clicking ‘Get my QR code’, a unique QR code is generated on the users mobile device.

Check-in with Sine Point Pro

The user then presents their Instant QR to the iPad running SinePoint Pro and they are checked into your site.

It’s as simple as that!

Check-out on departure

When a visitor finishes up at your site, they simply scan their QR code again and they are checked out.

You can also set auto check-out prompts suitable for your business. For example, at 6.00pm when the building is closed for the day, all active passes are automatically checked out at

Instant QR

Why use Instant QR

Despite their popularity and importance to a number of innovative technology solutions, QR codes are in fact a very simple and low-tech invention. The pattern, much like a barcode, contains data that can be read and interpreted by mobile devices.

Unfortunately this means that QR code check-in systems that are not correctly implemented can be vulnerable to abuse or exploitation.

Instant QR has been built to prevent these vulnerabilities and ensure your system is secure, accurate and compliant with privacy laws.

QR Spoofing

The practice of QR spoofing is where someone replaces a QR code with one of their own making. Then, they redirect the person scanning it to a different, potentially nefarious, website.

Static QR code posters can be altered in this way by anyone with access to stick their own QR code over the original one.

Instant QR removes this risk, by allowing users to generate their own QR code that is then scanned to check them into a site. Further, your Sine system will only scan QR codes that are meant for use in Sine, meaning any alternative QR codes will be rejected.

Proximity of Check-Ins

A basic QR code poster can be scanned by anyone, regardless of where they are in the world. So if a QR code is photographed and circulated, through social media for example, anyone with that photo could scan and check-in to that location. This could lead to compromised contact tracing data, filled with countless false check-ins to a site.

Instant QR can only be scanned using an iPad running SinePoint Pro, so every check-in is verified for proximity to your site using a geofence around your workplace.

Instant QR for workplace management

Data privacy and security

Collecting personal information is risky business, but for good reason. The Australian Privacy Act is in place to protect Australians and their private information. When a company begins collecting this information from visitors, they must ensure it is being handled in accordance with the act.

Penalties for breaches of the act can be as much as $10 million dollars, so if you’re collecting data, you want to make sure you get it right.

Sine is based in Australia, and we manage all data collected through our systems in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act and the GDPR regulations. So both you, and your visitors, can rest assured knowing their privacy is protected.

How to setup Instant QR

Instant QR needs to be enabled by Sine on a site-by-site basis. You can have this activated today, by contacting our team.

Looking to protect your workplace? Get started with Instant QR today and book a demo.

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