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The 26 different languages of Sine

By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on May 10, 2022

In an increasingly globalised and connected world, knowing the language of your clients, visitors and customers is integral to offering an efficient and positive experience.

Whether you’re selling a product or merely providing a tour of your building, your customers and associates deserve to feel as comfortable as possible. With the help of Sine and our incredible 26 supported languages, we’re sure to speak yours and that of your customers, making check-in as simple as possible.

With zero language barrier to registration, badge printing and building authorisation, everyone entering your building will have a positive experience.

Let’s take a look below at why a visitor management system with a myriad of languages is essential in today’s world of international business relationships.

Ensuring global expansion is effortless

For business owners and CEOs planning on opening operations abroad, you’ll, of course, need a visitor management system for your new place of business. With Sine and its supported languages, you can continue with your existing service, which won’t require any additional training or wasted time — as you always have.

All of your staff, both new and old, will have their local languages supported when it comes time to check-in, regardless of where they are in the world.

In the past, businesses often struggled when launching international branches, with so many hurdles and separate processes, though with a multi-lingual software solution, it’s the same everywhere in the world.

Your team members in the US can easily travel to Denmark, for example, and check-in the same way they always have. To the contrary, a Denmark-based business can launch an office in the US and have their staff check-in the same way they always have in Denmark, language and all.

interlang ipad

Removing language barriers with ease

Ask any staff member about their experience abroad, and they’ll more than likely tell you that digital check-in at foreign airports, hotels and office spaces is a slow, painful hassle when there’s only the local language supported.

In the past, the check-in process was rather complicated:

  1. Either guess or translate a check-in system’s UI elements
  2. Swipe a card or enter details in a foreign language
  3. Ask for assistance from a local team member
  4. Receive a printed, or digital visitor slip in a foreign language

All of these issues made check-in a tedious process. We often take for granted digital systems in our own languages and forget the complexities when a language changes, so Sine has worked hard to seamlessly integrate 26 languages.

When you’re ready to register at check-in while abroad, the user interface is familiar, intuitive and in your native language.

This multi-lingual feature becomes particularly important when considering your important clients. All business partners and clients deserve to have a smooth service and are going to have a better impression of your business if their check-in process is entirely in their native language.

Keeping things moving for events

Where our multi-lingual solutions truly transform the check-in process is during events and conferences.

If you can recall your last international business conference or event, there’s a good chance your check-in process was complicated with slow-moving lines. Enter Sine, and all of this changes.

A conference director or event manager can ensure the most common languages have their own Sine iPad, ensuring that there’s no confusion or slow check-in times. All event attendees can have their native language supported for check-in, preventing the need for pauses or for each attendee to ask for help.

Add to this the improved comfort and reduced stress for your visitors, and you’re well on the way to making sure everyone has a great time.

Sine now supports 26 languages

Keeping things simple is what Sine does best, and we're doing it in more language than one. With support for 26 languages, Sine’s visitor management system is perfect for businesses looking to keep their check-in processes as simple as possible, for foreign visitors, international clients and business partners.

Today, Sine supports the following languages, with more being added as we go:

With these languages and more soon to come, Sine is your ultimate check-in partner for effortless global operations. Whether you’re launching services in Jakarta, Barcelona or Berlin, we speak the language on the ground, so you don't have to.

Reopen your business to the world with Sine

Sine is available in 26 different languages, with more being added all the time. SinePoint Pro for iPad supports languages across the globe, where you can run more than one language at a time or switch between languages for multi-national operations. You can even choose your check-in language for each visitor.

See how Sine can help enhance your connection with your guests. Book a demo with our team today!