For enterprises looking to make use of the digital world, it’s expected that you employ the solutions of the best visitor and contractor management systems. With big data being such an integral part of operations today, you must utilise it in any way you can, and digital sign-ins are a great place to start.

An organisation that has an in-depth, real-time look into everything that’s going on at work is one that has the insight to be efficient, profitable and stand out from the crowd.

There’s nothing more ineffective than relying on paper-based sign-in systems or asking reception staff to keep tabs on everyone entering and leaving a building, so rely on dynamic management software solutions; it’ll be better for everyone.

What is a Digital Visitor Management System?

In a general sense, a digital visitor management system is a software or digital service that blankets a workplace, building or an entire business campus with an extra layer of functionality.

A visitor management system allows for:

  • Management of all onsite staff, contractors and visitors
  • Real-time data collection relating to staff movements
  • Insightful data-driven workplace alterations

With this added layer of clarity, office managers and business owners can gather real-time insights into what’s going on at work, and also manage who is allowed to enter which section of a workplace at what time — and a whole lot more.

These systems enable a whole additional layer of control that improves safety, productivity and safeguards intellectual property. As many business owners would agree, you can’t have enough awareness of what’s happening in the office, and digital sign-in solutions within visitor management systems provide the most comprehensive look. 

Digital Visitor Management Systems in the Modern Day Office

When we delve into the modern-day office, employees, clients, and visitors expect a fluid experience that isn’t stressful or cumbersome.

Gone are the days of having to wait for check-in procedures to be undertaken, or having staff ask you to write your details in a logbook that rarely ever got looked at. In a modern office, there’s now the option of effortlessly signing in countless staff members and visitors in just a few moments, keeping everything running smoothly.

Digital solutions provide:

  • Rapid sign-ins
  • Secure entry via facial or biometric data
  • Badge printing at entrances
  • Useful analytics
  • Much more

As an office manager, you don’t want your visitor’s first interaction with your company to be a slow, painstaking sign-in process; which amounts to no useful data. With comprehensive digital sign-in solutions that make use of the features below, office check-ins aren’t only smooth, but safe, secure and data-filled.

Essential Digital Sign-in Features

With the visitor management and digital sign-in market becoming increasingly saturated, there are a few key features to be on the lookout for. These shouldn’t only be standalone features, but instead features than blend cohesively together to make the office a more productive, organised and safe space.

The most critical sign-in features for visitor management systems include:

Real-time Geofencing

With these solutions, your visitor management system can be entirely automated, resting upon real-time location data. If you’re not looking to employ a check-in staff member, or want a rapid sign-in process, geofencing enables this.


When staff members arrive at the workplace, their smart device will alert the visitor management system, which will prompt a sign-in. All of which is done automatically, on-device and in an instant — ensuring things are always moving.

Facial Recognition

When security and workplace safety is concerned, nothing is more effective than precise facial mapping. All staff who routinely request access to a building can be authorised based on their face, which then customises entry passes. These solutions are crucial to keeping visitors, contractors and permanent staff separate concerning their access within the office.

For office managers who would like to revoke specific privileges or prevent visitors from accessing particular spaces in the office, visitor management facial recognition is the most reliable way to do this.

Instant Badge Printing

As mentioned above, instant badge printing integrated within visitor management systems helps keep things moving at a brisk pace. There’s no need for visitors or contractors to sit, wait and confirm their badge as everything’s complete at sign-in.

badge printing

To add, these badges allow for office staff to immediately have visual confirmation on whether a visitor is a client, customer, contractor or another type of visitor.

Web Dashboard Analytics

One of the most critical aspects of a visitor management system with a digital sign-in feature is the ability to see the data being collected. An insight into metrics such as common check-in times, visitor arrivals and visitor types affords businesses the data to enhance operations to keep check-ins running smoothly.


These insights also provide information on how long individual visitors stay at the office, and when they leave — perfect for situations which require time-based reporting after a digital sign-in.

Whether you’re looking for a way to improve operations, streamline check-in procedures or get a more in-depth look into how your office’s activities are going, consider a visitor management system with secure digital sign-in solutions.