When it comes to managing attendance on a construction site, safety is paramount.

The health and safety of all contractors and visitors within a construction site is of paramount importance to all involved; none more so than the Head Contractor whose responsibility it is to ensure the safety of all personnel within this high-risk environment.

Safe Work Australia’s 2015 report into Work-Related Injuries and Fatalities in Construction, Australia, 2003-2013 found that an average of 35 construction employees are seriously injured in Australia every single day. Even more alarming is that these numbers do not take into consideration any injuries resulting in less than one week of time off work. In 2011-2012, the typical amount of time off for a serious claim was 6.4 weeks and from 2009-2012 the standard cost of a serious claim in the construction industry was $10,200. In light of these staggering statistics, it is clear that a robust visitor management system incorporating key safety features is not only desirable in the construction industry, but essential.

In a time where technology is evolving the way we think and improving the way we operate, paper-based site attendance systems are at best, inadequate, and at worst, a safety risk to your business and the personnel on your worksite. Sine’s digital visitor and contractor management system provides a fast and seamless site entry experience that incorporates safety measures crucial in assisting you with maintaining the highest level of safety for all personnel on your construction site.

With a myriad of tools at your fingertips, there are three key components built into Sine’s software that can benefit the health and safety of visitors to your worksite:

  1. Communication and Real-Time Visibility

A construction site is a busy and complex environment where the ability to communicate with and monitor site personnel is essential to workplace safety.

This being the case, ask yourself the following questions. On any given day:

  1. Do you have access to a real-time view of all personnel presently on site?
  2. Can you quickly generate a report detailing all site visitors and contractors?
  3. Can you easily and accurately filter this report by multiple categories including company name, contractor name, time on site and whether or not the visitor has been site inducted?
  4. Do you have ready access to a live evacuation list? Is it completely legible?
  5. Are your current paper sign-in records securely archived and readily accessible?

If you answered ‘no’ to even one of these questions, Sine can significantly improve the safety of your visitors and contractors by providing you with essential communication capabilities and real-time visibility of the personnel on your worksite.

With Sine, you will have access to a real-time activity feed that displays a complete site attendance record, including those personnel who have already left the site. All contractors and visitors will be visible to you immediately and you will have the ability to communicate with them instantly via Sine’s advanced messaging features. Alerts can be sent via SMS, email or the Sine smart-phone app, both to all site personnel, or to chosen individuals.

In the event of an emergency or evacuation, Sine gives you the ability to quickly print a report of all active site personnel, which can then be provided to your fire warden.

  1. Compliance

How long does it currently take your Safety Supervisor and Site Manager to manage your contractors’ compliance with site entry rules and information?

Sine’s digital visitor management software gives your business the ability to automate many of these processes, increasing efficiency and limiting liability. With Sine, you can enhance your sign-in procedures and increase the safety of your worksite with the ability to:

  • Print mandatory photo IDs for every visitor and contractor to your site.
  • Give site personnel permanent electronic access to site policies and procedures, induction documentation, emergency and WHS information and other important documents.
  • Create custom forms so that every time a visitor or contractor attends your site they must provide permit information and details regarding the purpose of their visit, along with confirmation that they have been site inducted.
  • Reinforce the rules and evacuation assembly points of your site by displaying fixed imagery and highlighted text.
  • Send instant notifications to the Safety Supervisor who can verify each visitor’s compliance with daily site entry rules, i.e. identifying contractors who require permits or may be performing high-risk activities, checking that contractors have been site inducted and that they have submitted JSA’s and SWEMS.
  1. Statistics and Analytical Data

Site attendance systems should produce accurate, real-time reports that are both secure and confidential. Outdated paper-based systems fail to meet these benchmarks. They are often scribbled and illegible and can therefore be inaccurate, they cannot provide effective real-time reporting as there is no ability to sort data and they do not stand up to basic privacy requirements.

With Sine you can quickly and easily analyse and report on key statistical data such as:

  • Total contractors on site on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Average time on site per contractor.
  • Peak busy periods on a daily or weekly basis.

Sine gives you the ability to sort and evaluate your data based on company name, type of work being performed and visit purpose. You can also analyse the way your contractors or visitors are signing in, i.e. GPS via mobile, scan at entry site or at a communal sign-in point; all of which are options with Sine.

All of this can be achieved with our digital visitor management system securely, utilising a cloud-based database that is completely confidential and quickly retrievable whenever you need it.

– – – – –

Sine isn’t just a clever and effective sign-in system, although it certainly is that too. It’s a powerful tool for monitoring and safeguarding the health and safety of your worksite and those who occupy it.

The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022 identifies the construction industry as a national priority for prevention strategies in Australia. Employing Sine to better manage your contractors and visitors could play a key role in your prevention strategy for your worksite, making it healthier, safer and more productive.

What can your sign-in system do? Sine Paper-based system
Send instant notifications to your
Safety Supervisor every time a
contractor enters your site?
Reinforce site safety rules, safe
work practices and emergency
information to all visitors?
Produce accurate, real-time
reports and statistics?
Securely archive your data whilst
making it readily accessible
whenever it is needed?
Allow you to contact contractors
and site personnel instantly via
your choice of SMS, email or
smart-phone app?