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By Maddy GlynnDigital Marketing Specialist
Published on April 6, 2022

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Sine integrates with quality platforms that can help simplify your key management and keep your workplace running effectively. Although Sine offers a variety of integrations, a fundamental one that businesses should be aware of are key cabinets or key management. Sine integrates with platforms such as KeyWatcher and Torus to help provide a seamless, automated key management solution, creating a frictionless check-in experience for your visitors. Find out why a key management solution can be an integral for your business and how these integrations can help enhance your workplace security.

Digital key management: Benefits

Sine’s key cabinet integrations are paired with an extensive range of benefits that can help enhance workplace safety, namely:

  • Assists with Covid-19 safety protocols and slowing down the spread. Managers can remotely authorise key access, rather than traveling to the site to meet with the visitor face to face. 
  • Helps ensures compliance from all visitors and prevents them from stealing keys to give unauthorized individuals access to your site after-hours. 
  • Enables visibility across all visitors and keys, even with multiple sites.
  • Helping in the prevention of theft and losses from unauthorised personnel on-site and can help reduce costs associated with lost keys and replacements.
Sine key management

Sine + KeyWatcher integration

The Sine + KeyWatcher integration provides you with a seamless, integrated key management solution. Set up and maintain secure site lists for key access for multiple locations, right from your Sine web dashboard. Get secure access to electronic key cabinets with KeyWatcher on check-in:

Sine Pro for iPhone and Android: Provides a secure key management platform to help ensure only verified visitors are granted access to your key cabinet. Once their contact credentials have been verified, they are invited to a particular site and can check in and receive a one-time-only secure PIN via SMS. This two-factor authentication means your key cabinet will only be only accessible to verified visitors, who have been added to your site access lists

SinePoint Pro iPad app: Sine can also implement key cabinet integration with the SinePoint Pro iPad app. Perfect for sites that require less security, whereby users may not need to be verified to access keys. After being added to a secure access list for a site, visitors needing key access will need to check in on Sine. After they have been invited to access a site or approved to access a site upon check-in, a secure one-time Pin will be sent via SMS. This PIN can then be applied to the key cabinet to gain access and be used to return the key.

torus device image

Sine + Torus integration

The Sine + Torus integration streamlines your check-in and check-out processes. Torus is a secure and automated key management system that can help enhance efficiency and safety in your workplace. Torus integrates with Sine to provide a simple way to manage your keys, no matter where your facilities are. Also, it gives you real-time visibility of all key transactions and their status!

Visitors can request key access when they check in via the Sine Point Pro app or Sine Pro App. This will send their information to Torus. Once verified, the visitor is invited to check in through Sine and receives a User ID and Pin via SMS or email to access Torus. The Torus dashboard allows you to remotely manage key access and ensure keys are returned prior to check-out. This element is extremely advantageous for organisations with multiple sites. Moreover, if visitors do not return the keys upon check-out, they will receive a SMS reminder.

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