Every facility — be it a hotel, hospital, school, or a corporate office — aims to keep the security as their topmost priority. However, most office entrances are not safe and the reason being the use of manual and paper check-in sheets to record the visitors’ data.

In order to mitigate safety concerns and risks, it is imperative for organizations to deploy a digital visitor log book.

More than ever, it is crucial to be vigilant about workplace safety – people entering & exiting the building. Security of property and personnel is paramount, but the traditional visitor logbook isn’t adequate concerning the safety perils.

What is a visitor logbook?

A visitor logbook is an essential tool that helps capture who is coming in and going out at your office facility. It is a record book that keeps track of the visitors on site, their identity, the company they represent, who they came to visit, the purpose of coming in, contact details, time in and time out.

Visitor logbooks can be both papers based and digital. A paper-based visitor logbook at the front desk reception is a traditional one that requires the guests to fill out a form with their contact details, time in and the person they are visiting.

On the other hand, a digital visitor logbook is an automated and streamlined version where information is inserted with the help of technology. It can capture static pictures of visitors, QR codes powered check-ins, ID cards scanning, biometric fingerprints and more that aid to make the workplace more secure.

Furthermore, an online visitor logbook maintains digital records of each and every visitor coming in and out. It also generates notifications and alerts in case of an emergency to inform the current on-site visitors of any danger.

Why organizations need a visitor logbook?

More than ever, security is the utmost priority for every facility, including corporate offices. Employers have kept the safety of both the employees and the workplace at the top of their list. Keeping the office facility secure is indispensable for employees’ safety to the workplace.

Visitor Management system market is projected to grow in the next five years, which reiterates the importance of deploying one. Numerous reasons can contribute as to why organizations need to keep a visitor logbook.

Those include:

  • Security and safety – access control and heightens overall workplace security 
  • Emergency vigilance – knowing the visitors on site
  • Visitor Analytics – data of inbound and outbound visitors that can be needed for many purposes

Let’s delve deeper into each one.

Security and safety

Visitor logs are an integral part of a visitor management system as it makes sure the person entering the premises has valid credentials to access something, whether it is about visiting someone, or database or system control.

In order to have necessary safety nets in place, it is imperative for organizations to have a proper system and registration process that restricts the entry of unauthorized visitors and ensures workplace safety by all means.

Furthermore, a visitor logs in system contacts and questions the people entering the incredibly helpful premises.

For instance, a delivery person may not be allowed to move past the reception. But with a visitor logbook, they can receive the appropriate permissions via logging in and go ahead. That way, the contact information and identification details are stored in the system in case if needed.

Emergency vigilance

Visitor logs can provide vital information about the visitors, including their name, who they came to meet, which can give clues about the building area the visitor is in. For instance, in case of a natural calamity or fire emergency, it can help with evacuation faster and accurately.

Naturally, visitors won’t be familiar with the building areas, so they can get lost, left behind, or trapped in an unknown location which can risk their lives. With a visitor logbook, you would know in what areas majority of people are and which ones need to be evacuated immediately.

And suppose that’s a digital visitor logbook. In that case, it has all the visitor log stored in the system which can alert the people on-premises with automatic emergency notification, so it makes the evacuation process easier and faster.

Data-driven approach

While security is the most crucial reason to leverage a visitor logbook, the insights gained from a logbook can help organizations with other things too.

With a digital visitor log system, you gain valuable insights and analytics, which can help you strategize your approach accordingly.

data analysis is a useful part of integrated partnerships

Visitor logbooks provide you with a lot of data about the visitors in the building. This information can be vital for you as you can analyze the data and gauge the visitor patterns and the overall effectiveness of the visitor logbooks.

This, in turn, can help you make informed decisions and take necessary measures to protect the workplace if needed.

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Going digital: the future of visitor logbooks

Many companies have migrated to a digital visor logbook and have streamlined their sign in and record-keeping processes. Powered by a visitor management system, the digital visitor logbook offers a wide variety of benefits.

Not only low-tech visitor log makes your organization look outdated, but it also fails to protect the visitor information as it is out there available in the open to unauthorized users.

Here are some of the advantages that you can get with switching to a digital visitor logbook.

Quick and easy check-in, sign out

A digital visitor logbook system provides convenience while ensuring safety. It saves you time and hassle that comes with a manual registration process. Moreover, it allows visitors to sign in within seconds with scanning their ID cards or a QR Code (touchless check-in).

contactless visitor entry procedure

The details of visitors, such as their purpose, name of the person they want to visit, and other information can be easily captured and stored with their photo for easy access.

With Sine’s digital visitor logbook, you can have contactless solutions. These include QR code powered check-ins that ensure guests’ security while letting you customize the visitor flow management. 

Enhanced security and safety

Unlike a paper-based record keeping, a digital visitor logbook automatically captures all sensitive information of a visitor during the registration process. You can easily recognize and restrict the entry of blacklisted or unauthorized visitors.

Furthermore, you can also monitor the stay of visitors. Which means the system also alerts you about any overstaying visitors. Providing access to the details of that individual to make sure they are permissible to be on-premises.

cloud based vms

A visitor management system like Sine facilitates various options that augment workplace safety. Such as, facial recognition, capture visitor photo ID, prepare, and alert the staff with watchlists. Above all, Sine is GDPR compliant, which protects all the company and its visitor’s information while fostering a secure workplace.

Cloud-based solution

When it comes to data security, paper logbooks aren’t able to guard the confidential information of your visitors the way a digital cloud-based logbook can.

Any employee or guest can stop by and check the visitor records on the paper log. Exposing their contact information, which is an invasion of privacy.

On the other hand, a digital visitor logbook automatically stores information of guest’s arrivals and departures. All while guarding the information access from unauthorized users and other people.

Furthermore, it is way easier to retrieve the information from the digital system. You can get access to custom data by only a few clicks of a specific date and time. Gone are the days of leafing through hundreds of pages to find a certain individual’s data.

Manage visitors, contact trace, optimize workflows, streamline processes, and provide contactless check-in.

Smarter, safer workplaces start with Sine

Sine’s all-inclusive digital visitor logbook ensures real-time visibility with a safer workplace.

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