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Norwood Council

City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

As Sine is often the first interface many external stakeholders have with the Council, the Sine system is a key enabling system.
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Driver Check-in: It's time to address Chain of Responsibility

In the transport and logistics industries, it’s crucial for all workflows to be structured around ensuring employees, contractors and all other staff aren’t being pushed too hard or requested to overlook safety in favour of getting work done.
QR code visitor management 2

How Companies Are Using QR Codes In The Lobby

Implementing a system that can provide QR codes, like Sine, into your workplace will provide you with glanceable insights into deliveries, visitor data and more!
building construction

The ultimate guide to digital site inductions and permits

A site induction is a workflow that involves collecting required information from your contractors and other employees to ensure you stay compliant, presenting information such as emergency procedures, safety regulations, and site-specific introductory information, and getting acknowledgment on check-lists, forms and policies.
Visitor badges

Need Awesome Visitor Badges? This is your ultimate guide

For many companies, as they grow, the ever-increasing volume of staff, visitor and contractors can create a raft of challenges. To ensure a safe environment for everyone on your site, it's important to be able to quickly identify who should and should not be on your site.
Visitor Entry Procedure

How the visitor types feature is streamlining businesses

On any given day your business can receive a great number of different types of visitors. Some types of visitors will be universal across all businesses, but many others will be industry-specific, or even business-specific, unique to your own operation.
Contractor geofence

What is geofencing and how can it automate your workplace?

Geofencing has been around for a while but has really only recently become popular due to the rise of mobile devices.
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Improving safety and security for our future world leaders

The safety of children should be at the top of everyone's list. Like healthcare centers being the safe haven for communities, schools are the safe haven for children. They're a place for learning, development, and growth, without having to worry about anything threatening occurring.


Sine were able to provide Cleanaway with an upgrade from their previous product. Amazing service and always easy to access.
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Streamline your events with our Eventbrite integration

Over the past few years, there's been a boom in the number of public events companies are running. They've realized that by running these events, they can boost brand awareness and position themselves as thought leaders. Which is more important than ever with the Digital Age in full swing and the competition it has brought.
sine wins start up challenge

Sine wins West Tech Fest Start-up Challenge!

As first prize winners, we will be moving on to pitch at the semi-finals of the Extreme Tech Challenge in Las Vegas. Our CEO, Antony Ceravolo, had this to say about the win.
Scotch College

Move aside visitor sign in books - Schools are moving toward the future

Many Schools are moving away from traditional sign-in books and bringing in electronic Visitor Management Systems. By doing this, they gain an overview of who is currently at the school, plus powerful reporting functionality.
5 top tips construction site 2

5 top tips for running a successful construction site

As a contractor management software, it's important to us here at Sine to know what issues our clients face in managing their business.
smart businesses mobile app remote sites

How smart businesses are using a mobile app to control remote sites.

Sine’s digital visitor management technology makes it possible to manage some remote sites, well, remotely. The free to download mobile app allows for site visitors to check-in without the need to have someone else physically present at the location to facilitate their arrival.
tech in sa news 2

Sine features in TechInSA

TechInSA, the South Australian governments high tech start up support agency, has featured Sine in their news blog.