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5 Things Visitors Want from a Check-in App

Are you thinking of upgrading to a visitor management solution?

If that’s the case, you might be wondering, “why would visitors need an app to check in to my business?”

Simply put, to make a solid first impression and get on their good side.

The guest experience evolves constantly, and visitors expect businesses to deliver something beyond a solid first impression; they want a quality guest experience. Whether they are applicants to an opening in your company or service providers doing their jobs, they want to be taken into account.

The best part of this is that visitor management solutions are not expensive or difficult to implement. Small and medium-sized businesses alike can leverage it to streamline their check-in process because size doesn’t matter when it comes to visitor management. Companies both great and small can benefit from a solid visitor management system.

Now that you know that size isn’t an issue, let’s talk about your visitors. Let’s see what they really want from a visitor management app and how you can give that to them.

What do visitors want from a check-in app?

Rather than going to a counter and spending precious time signing a paper sign-in sheet, giving someone their information, and then waiting for their host to come, visitors want something they can do quickly. That doesn’t mean not requesting information; it means getting correct data in a simple way.

In a nutshell, every visitor wants features that help streamline, simplify, or simply speed up the check-in process.

Visitor management apps can really help visitors have a clean, stress-free check-in experience with minimal supervision from your staff. Here are 5 things visitors want from a check-in app:

1-minute check-in

Remember what we told you about how much visitors dread checking in? Well, the truth is, with a check-in app, your visitors can check-in in less than a minute–and even faster if they’ve already gone to your office or business.

It’s not as difficult as it seems, either, because a good visitor management system offers visitors a straightforward process they can easily follow. At Sine, for example, we eliminated all the potential variables in our visitor management process and made it so easy that you only need a minute to check-in. You can try it for yourself here.

Geofencing check-in

Geofencing has been around for a while, and now, most people use it. For instance, if you’ve ever gotten a notification from Google asking you to review a site, that’s geofencing at its finest.

Geofence your site for easy check-in

In our case, you can configure Sine to notify visitors of places where they can sign in using geofencing.

That means they can begin their sign-in process before entering your premises, gaining access to your office or business quickly. In addition, you can use geofencing to trigger messages to your visitors and broadcast important information they might need.

kiosks

Sign-in kiosks set the tone for your company from the very beginning. They’re convenient and eliminate the need for extra staff at the door. They make the check-in process faster, especially during busy times.

The Sine app on iPad

Sign-in kiosks automate your guest authorization, helping your visitors complete the registration on their own. For visitors, this streamlines the process and reduces queues, keeping the process private and protecting their identities from unscrupulous eyes or potential competitors.

Facial recognition check-in

One thing to keep in mind: Facial recognition is cool. It looks sci-fi, and most people are impressed with facial recognition because it looks like something from the movies. Besides being impressive, facial recognition is also convenient because it uses your visitor’s face as the sign-in credential, making the process faster and even more personal.

Photo imaging for higher security

With a face check option, recurring visitors will have an easier time gaining access to your place. Whether it is a construction site or an office building, your visitors will be able to enter or leave with ease.

Automatic check-out

If checking in is a hassle, imagine checking out after an unsuccessful job interview or a bad day with a client. It’s a drag, and we all know it. Visitors spent all their energy during the visit, and simply can’t be bothered with checking out.

Here’s when automatic check-out comes into play. Automatic check-out uses geofencing to keep track of every visitor, and once they’ve gone away and reached certain boundaries, the app checks them out automatically. The app immediately notifies the company that this person is no longer on the premises, so you don’t have to worry about counting visitors or tracking them at all times.

Instead of relying on people and paper for visitor and contractor management, why not try a reputable visitor management system? Set up a free 30-day trial.