“What’s the Wi-Fi password?”

A question we’re all sick of hearing and all sick of asking.

Surely, there’s a way that can automate the whole process of issuing Wi-Fi passwords to visitors as they enter sites. Well, there is and it’s something you can now do with Sine’s newest integration with Aerohive!

What is Aerohive?

Aerohive HiveManager radically simplifies unified management of wired and Wi-Fi access networks, combining streamlined configuration workflows, real-time client and event monitoring, simplified troubleshooting, versatile RF planner tools, and API integration.

Among other features, Areohive allows companies to generate automated Wi-Fi login details for people visiting sites through cloud-networking.

How you can use Aerohive with Sine

We’re all about making the check-in process as simple as possible and we know that almost everyone who enters your site is going to as for the Wi-Fi login details. So why not remove the hassle of having to tell everyone?

With the Aerohive integration, when a visitor checks in to your site we’ll send their details off to Aerohive automatically. This will then provision temporary Wi-Fi access to your network. The visitor will then receive an automated SMS, email or both with their temporary Wi-Fi credentials.

Benefits of the Aerohive integration

  • Network security – All access to your network can now be managed and tracked at the individual level. With the integration, you can see who’s using your network and weed out those who shouldn’t and give access to those who should.
  • Simplicity is key – With Sine, you streamline your check-in process. Keep the professional image rolling but automating one of the most popular pain points for visitors and create a strong first impression.
  • Less hassle for reception staff and IT – there’s no longer any need for access request codes and reception staff won’t be bombarded with Wi-Fi inquiries.

Completely automate the check-in process

To completely automate the check-in process and take full advantage of the Aerohive integration, make use of Sine’s geofencing feature.

Geofence your site

Sine allows you to create a geofence around your site. So repeat visitors and contractors using the Sine mobile app can check-in and out of site swiftly. Once the user has used your geofenced feature to sign in they can receive the notification with the Wi-Fi credentials.

Find out how you can activate the Aerohive integration here.