It’s unfortunate but true that businesses in the beauty industry have fallen victim to the major challenges that COVID-19 has brought on. As an industry that often requires close contact, many were required to close during the initial lockdown. 

While things are starting to progress in the right direction. As beauty businesses have been allowed to start reopening, many are operating with reduced capacities and strict contact tracing requirements. This has made it more difficult to run the day to day operations. Limits have been placed on the services they can provide and the duration of time that clients can remain on the premises. 

Whether it’s hair salons, waxing services, tattoo parlours or massage parlours, the impact of COVID-19 is evident. The saving grace to these challenges, however, is proving to be the introduction of new technologies that work to relieve some of this strain. 

What is Instant QR? 

Instant QR is one of the best technologies to help beauty services reopen and maintain a contactless visitor log. 

With the use of smartphones to obtain QR codes, it provides a simple solution to checking customers in and out. Without the need for any contact. This is a key element in operating a business in the current climate. As every opportunity to reduce contact helps reduce the chance of spreading COVID-19. 

Not only that, Instant QR provides accurate contract tracing logs to help fulfil contact tracing requirements. You can see who has been on-site and for how long. This helps both visitors and staff to stay protected while you ensure quick set up and safe services.

Why is Instant QR safer? 

One of the problems that many run into when dealing with QR codes is that they are often static and open to the public. This leaves them vulnerable to cybercriminals. 

Instant QR has shown to be an effective way for businesses to function in today’s world. However, the willingness of the general public to utilize them has fallen behind as these security issues loom.

Sine Instant QR helps to combat the security concerns that often go along with QR codes. The system has been created to ensure the check-in process is secure, accurate and compliant with privacy laws.

QR code scanning is completed in a closed ecosystem so that it is not only secure but quick and convenient for visitors to use. Users are better protected against cybercriminals and the risks that go along with exposure. 

How Instant QR work for beauty services 

Instant QR is the perfect technology businesses can use to ensure they are meeting the requirements for contract tracing in the beauty services industry. Here is what a trip to the salon or parlour might look like with the use of Sine’s Instant QR codes. 

Client arrival 

When clients arrive on-site, they can use Instant QR both with or without a scheduled appointment. They will simply use their smartphone to go to 

From there they can quickly create their secure QR code, ready for scanning. 

Contactless check-in

Once your client has created their Instant QR code they can use it to check-in to their beauty appointment using the contactless scanner on the iPad. They won’t need to touch any surfaces other than their own phone which help to keep both you and them safe. 

Contactless check-out 

Once their appointment is completed, clients will use the same QR code they created upon arrival to check-out using the contactless scanner. 

Logging and reporting features

The benefits of Sine Instant QR codes don’t stop at check-in and check-out. Once your client has left, you will find a log of their time in and time out. This can be useful should you need to complete contact tracing for COVID-19 purposes. 

You can easily retain log times through the Sine reporting dashboard. 

Implement Instant QR codes into your business

The strain that COVID-19 has put on businesses across all industries has been extreme. At Sine we know how easy it is to become overwhelmed with meeting new requirements. Which is why we work to offer technologies that make it easier. 

If Instant QR sounds like something your beauty business could benefit from, you can start a 30-day free trial now and see the benefits for yourself.

Get started with Instant QR today and simplify your contact tracing!