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15 time-consuming office tasks you can (and should) automate

Nearly every department, from the reception staff up to the C-suite, can benefit from automating certain tasks. Here are some of the tasks that businesses should consider automating.
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conducting internal audit
Blog Evergreen Visitor Management 5

Everything you need to know about visitor sign-in systems in the workplace

We've compiled an in-depth guide on everything you need to know about workplace visitor sign-in systems, including key benefits and features!
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6 reasons your company needs office wayfinding tech

Learn how office wayfinding tech is part of the new generation of smart tools that help you reimagine the workplace and build the office of the future.
crisis communications system

How a visitor management system can help during a safety crisis

Discover how a visitor management system (VMS) is one important step organizations can take to protect their offices, hospitals/clinics/healthcare facilities, job sites, and campuses.
guest badge system

Digital visitor badges: A complete guide

Explore what visitor badges accomplish, as well as how digital guest badges may be the ultimate visitor management feature for businesses.
Blog VMS for IT

Achieving compliance, safety, and security in commercial real estate | Part 2: Safety and security

In the second installment of our series, we explore how organizations can utilize visitor and contractor management system features to create a safe and secure workplace.  
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The art of the invite: Take your host game to the next level with Sine

From the moment we are invited to attend a meeting or an event, it’s the small things that make our lives easier—uncover the art!
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Humans of Honeywell Sine: Meet Emilia Chignola

In this month's installment of Humans of Honeywell Sine, we are pleased to be joined by Scrum Master, Emilia Estevez!
Hybrid work schedule illustration

Thursday is the new Monday, according to hybrid work trends

When it comes to hybrid work trends, one thing is clear: no one wants to be in the office on Fridays.
Blog Featured Image Achieving compliance safety and security in commercial real estate July27

Achieving compliance, safety, and security in commercial real estate | Part 1: Compliance (+ free Webinar)

This blog post is part of a two-part series based on the webinar 'Achieving compliance safety, security in commercial real estate'
Blog Featured Image Going paperless_ The ROI of a digital visitor management system July25

Going paperless: The ROI of a digital visitor management system (+ free Webinar)

Discover how replacing paper-based processes, such as traditional visitor logbooks, with a digital visitor management system can benefit your business.
guest badge system

Digital vs. Physical badges: Which does your company need?

Both physical and digital badges have their pros and cons, and below we'll look at each type to help you decide which type of badge is right for your company and its visitors.
Blog Tips and tools to manage on site contractors effectively

Tips and tools to manage on-site contractors effectively

We look at what factors you need to consider and the kinds of tools you might need to help your company manage contractors on-site effectively.
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